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4D Maps

4D map of the Bristor set The 4D maps are drawn by producing small 2D cells which are placed in a 2D grid. So each image is surrounded by its sequential cousins. 4D map of the B-set where the cells are very small
In this map when the 2D cells become very small in size, the [M-Set] outline becomes inceasingly visible. the mid-line cells of the 4D mapAlso in this map is when the cells that run across the middle are stacked together, they would produce the [3D B-Set].

4D map of the Bristor set with M-Set at origin
4D map of the Bristor set focused on the M-Set at origin
Another alternative to this map is to view this map from a different axis, so that there is the [M-Set] in the cell at the origin and when the cells become very small the outline of the perpendicular cross section of the B-Set becomes more visible.

Maps exhibit  Parallelism and Sequential properties.

   5 Dimension map